React2 Screen Shots

Auditory discrimination – matching environmental sounds to pictures – Level 3 -6 images

This exercise from level 3, with 6 images displayed, requires the user to listen to a sound and match the sound to a picture. In level 1 only two images are displayed.

Understanding Conversations – Listen to a video clip

One of the main features of React2 is the use of video clips. In these exercises the user listens to a short video clip and then answers questions about a conversation.

Visual Processing – Word Completion Level 1

In this exercise the user has to spell the word that matches the image and is partly indicated by the 2 letters shown. This example is a simple, level 1 exercise with only one letter missing. The “tiles” show the letters that can be selected and as the user “rolls over” the tile an image of the letter is displayed giving a hint to the user. A total of 14 levels is available with quite complex word building exercises.

Semantics – category sorting, categorising pictures- level 1

The user is shown a series of drawings that correspond to images displayed as “picture tiles”. The picture that corresponds to the drawing is selected. As a “hint”, as the user points to each picture, the image is displayed in the drawing and the appropriate one is selected

Memory / Sequencing – Remembering items from a list (in sequence)

In these exercises the user is required to listen to various items being described and memorise them. There are 4 levels where the items are not remembered in sequence. In the example above, from a level 2 exercise, the correct sequence of items also has to be remembered.

Life skills – Functional reading screen

Life skills has a large variety of tasks in which the client can work on simple tasks such as recognising coins to working out complex problems involving money and time. Life Skills consists of 2,887 exercises.

Clients are given a situation to work out the best thing to do, or what to say, watching a video and deciding how the person feels thereby increasing social communication and pragmatic skills.

There are also lots of exercises on practical and functional reading, from understanding symbols to working out complex timetables.

View of a Results Analysis screen

This is a screen shot of the new results analysis module in React2. This accumulates the percentage score achieved (didn’t she do well) and the time taken for each exercise. Date and time of each exercise is recorded. Results can be printed and can also be copied into a spreadsheet for further analysis if required.