Helpful Links

Caroline Bowen’s website

Caroline Bowen PhD is an Australian Speech-Language Pathologist with a research interest in developmental phonological disorders. Her clearly written, user-friendly and regularly updated web site provides over 200 pages of theoretically sound information for families, students and SLP professionals on a wide range of communication disorders.

Talkback Association for Aphasia Inc.

This site aims to support people with Aphasia, and encourage links between aphasia groups. There is an aphasia-friendly version of this site, designed to be more accessible to people with aphasia. This website has information on the Computer Club for People with Aphasia.

Australian Aphasia Association Inc.

This is a support and advocacy association for people with aphasia (ay-faze-yuh), their families and the professionals who help them. People with aphasia direct and participate in the activities of the association.

The Australian Voice Association

The AVA strives to raise the awareness of our community about the human capacity for voice – as an association educating people about their need to care for their voices, encouraging them to enjoy their voices and ensuring that all professionals involved in providing for people with voice and /or laryngeal disorders are up to date with current practice are key goals.

Speech Pathology Australia

Speech Pathology Australia (the Association) is the national peak body for the speech pathology profession in Australia. From this link you will find fact sheets and information on a number of important topics.