LingWAVES Voice Clinic and Speech Pathology Sets 

WEVOSYS offers special lingWAVES sets including different modules from everyday clinical tools up to high level speech pathology voice and speech analysis.

This table shows the inclusions in each lingWAVES set.


  lingWAVES Sets
  Voice Protocol (VPR) SLP 
Suite Pro VPR
Voice Clinic 
Suite Pro
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Recording Hardware      
Sound Level 
Meter-Microphone, lingWAVES Connector USB Standardizatzion, Real SPL technology, stand
lingWAVES REAL SPL + lingWAVES Connector USB
Voice Recording tick tick tick
Comparison of  Recordings tick tick tick
Edit, Cut, Paste, Delete Function tick tick tick
Patient Manager tick tick tick
Form Print Out Function tick tick tick
Screen Shot Function (Bitmap, Clipboard for Text Processing) tick tick tick
Client and Database backup tick tick tick
Voice Disorder Index / Voice Handicap Index (VHI) 12 tick tick tick
Voice Protocol
standardized 4+ step procedure for: s/z ratio, MPT, Jitter, Shimmer, Irregularity, GNE-Noise, pitch range, Dysphonia Severity Index (DSI), spoken text analysis, real-time pitch/loudnes, pre-post history, read more…
tick tick tick
Voice Analysis
Spectrogram, Pitch/Fundamental Frequency, Energy, FFT   tick tick
Voice Analysis
Spectrogram Pro (with Formant Tracking), Jitter, Shimmer   tick tick
LPC, AMDF, Cepstrum, Autocorrelation   tick tick
Voice Quality      
Vospector voice quality measurement   tick tick
Visual Biofeedback      
TheraVox   tick tick
Spectrogram Real Time   tick tick
Multi Real Time 
(Time Signal, Spectrogram, Pitch, Energy)
  tick tick
Motor Speech Assessment      
Motor Speech Disorder Assessment   tick tick
Voice Range Profile
(UEP normed and EU MPG Certification)
Extended Singing and Speaking Voice Range Profile (VDC) with Voice Quality Profile (Irregularity, Noise, Overall Severity, Vocal Ring/Singer’s Formant), Extended Speaking Voice Range Profile with Profile Progression Line Calculation, Trend Analysis for all client sessions, Singing Norm Profile Coverage Calculation, Vospector – DSI (Dysphonia Severity Index)     tick
Additional Modules      
Vocal Loading Test upgrade upgrade tick
Goettingen Hoarseness Diagram upgrade upgrade tick
Video Capture / Processing upgrade upgrade tick
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Voice Protocol (VPR) SLP Suite Pro VPR Voice Clinic 
Suite Pro

Additional upgrades or stand alone versions are available for: