How to use Speech Sounds on Cue App

Speech Sounds on Cue is designed by a Speech Language Pathologist to be easy to use.

This video shows how.

Start Using Speech Sounds on Cue on your iPad or iPhone

Open Speech Sounds on Cue on your iPad or iPhone

1. Choose how to practice:

    • Basic – words starting with same sound
    • Random – word starting different sounds
    • Rhyming words

Start with Basic

2. Choose a sound 

3. Press > Start Practice

Speak with each video and the microphone.

Listen to how you did.



Swipe left to say the next word.

Press REPEAT to keep practicing the same word.

Swipe right to go back


 Before you start

Practice the Speech Sounds with a helper or your Speech Language Pathologist or Therapist.

Click here to print the Sound Practice Chart



Practice saying the sounds each day with your helper.

Some will be easier than others.

Now start the easy sounds in basic practice in Speech Sounds on Cue on your iPhone or Pad.

Also ask your helper to practice vowels with you.

Print vowels from this link


 If you can’t say the sounds on the chart – your helper can try cues like these to help:

M         mmm … It tastes good    or mmm…. I agree with you 

P          Puff up your cheeks. Spit out some air 

B          BOO!   or        Bye         (with appropriate actions/gestures). 

W         Cry like a baby – Waaaa     or exclaim   Ooooo! 

        Yes or….. No 

T          A cup of …Tea     or 1…2   or   Ta ta 

        Shut the …..Door     How do you …Do?       (Shake hands)

L          Sing   LA – LA – LA         (Go up a few notes of a scale)

S          Hiss like a snake or an angry cat

         Buzz like a fly or mosquito.   Lets go to the ….Zoo 

Sh        Tell someone to be quiet           (gesture with a finger in front of the lips) 

Th        Make a cheeky face by sticking your tongue out or put honey on their lips to lick.

 F          Bite your lip.    123….4….5

 V          Bite your lip.    Watch the T….V

 CH       Sneeze   AH…CHOO!          Be a steam train…choo choo choo. Do the Cha – Cha – Cha

 J          Orange…Juice.   A honey …Jar

         Drive a …Car   or Ache…aching….A King. (It may help to hold the tip of your tongue down with a spoon to encourage the back of your tongue to elevate)

G         Ready set….Go (It may help to hold the tip of your tongue down with a spoon to encourage the back of your tongue to elevate)

R         Growl like a dog …rrrrrr   or It’s cold….Brrrrr

H         Laugh…HA HA HA or Sigh because you’re finished….Haaaaah!

Make the exercises harder as you improve

  1. Say each word several times. 
  2. Say the word when you see the picture – don’t wait to hear the cue.
  3. Turn the sound down and say the words without hearing the cue.
  4. Say the whole sentence – not just the word.
  5. Swipe through the pages quickly saying each word once then moving on.
  6. Select RANDOM practice and choose to work on 2 or 3 sounds at once.
  7. Select RHYMING practice words, listen and say the rhyming words.
  8. Name the rhyming word pictures without listening to them, then listen to see if you were correct.


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