lingWAVES 4 Endoscopy/Swallowing/FEES

The lingWAVES 4 Endoscopy/FEES system is a high-performance and high-quality application for all clinical types of endoscopy and FEES/swallowing assessment in the field of Speech Pathology and laryngology/ENT. Using the latest video hardware the system offers brilliant video/imaging quality in full HD and full HD+ with the best color performance. The compact hardware configuration enables mobile and flexible use.

Workflow Application

The lingWAVES 4 Endoscopy/FEES application was especially made for easy user interaction and a fast clinical workflow. There are two nearly identical modules available:

  • Module for endoscopy/FEES assessment with video recording
  • Module for endoscopy/FEES assessment with picture snapping

Both modules are supported by a colored foot switch for hands free operation.


(View in more detail here)

  1. After patient selection from the database you can start the endoscopy/FEES module and start video recording or picture snapping with the foot switch as soon as you are ready with your assessment position.
  2. Unique feature Highlight Reduction (HR): Automatic regulation of over illumination near tissue.
  3. After completing recording/snapping you can go through the video or snapped pictures and edit/add snapshots. Add comments to each snap and complement with your findings and diagnosis.
  4. A unique feature is a comparison function. Load a prior made recording/snap from the database and do a pre-post comparison. You can also take a snap from this comparison and add it to the report.
  5. As soon as you have completed recording/snapping and adding information you can preview a HTML5 report and print it out or save it as PDF

Cameras for Rigid and Flexible Endoscopy/FEES

Latest USB camera hardware complements the powerful workflow application:

LWCAM full HD+ (Y20M02): up to 2.048 x 1.536 pixel (fullHD+) with 60 fps, standard mode 1.980 x 1020 pixel (fullHD) with 30 fps, global shutter (enables stroboscopy recording), USB 3.1
LWCAM fullHD++ (Y20M03): up to 2.448 x 2.048 pixel (fullHD++) with 60 fps, standard mode 1.980 x 1020 pixel (fullHD) with 30 fps, global shutter (enables stroboscopy recording), USB 3.1
Flexible Rhinolaryngoscope – Chip-on-Tip: Ø 3,6 mm front tip diameter end, 1.280 x 720 pixel resolution, USB 2.0 for endoscopy/FEES.